Bride CUGA

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The best light weight and the high performance trend comfort model, CUGA.

  • Super aramid black shell
  • 4 colors : Gradation Logo/Black Logo/Red Logo/Blue Logo
  • Resistance-to-flame cloth
  • A safety standard conformity model
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight:13.6kg
     ※Reference value

The weight saving and high rigidity trend comfort model, CUGA & VORGA.

【CUGA & VORGA】is made from super aramid. ※by using monocoque shell, the product is able to save weight and get the high rigidity. The difficult in making a sharp and clear-cut design was also implemented by the conventional urethane formation. It is the new standard series of the Bride’s reclining seat which made a degree of comfortable and a low position.

※The super aramid which is used on both of the BRIDE seat CUGA & VORGA is an ultralight material made from kepler material of aramid fiber and colored it into racy back Compared with the carbon, this material does not fracture and is the BRIDE’s most high quality material which is used for the protection of the driver.

A novel belt hole form and a sharp form.

The belt hole form which can also be called the face of CUGA & VORGA imaged and designed the eye of the savage beast. CUGA & VORGA when seen over the windshield of a car is a feeling of force of the ferocious savage beast which aims at game to brew, and the difficult sharp and clear-cut form was implemented in the conventional urethane processing.

Super monocoque shell which carried out various of super aramid fiber.

The moment when opening the door, the super aramid・black monocoque shell comes into your eyes. Super aramid is a kind of kepler material and is an ultralight material aramid fiber, colored to a racy black. Unlike the carbon which does not fracture, BRIDE invested for the material which protects the driver.

Formation of a low positive and a degree of comfort are made compatible by adoption of a high tension network.

The seat of CUGA & VORGA implements low positive-ization by adopting a high tension net material. Moreover, a high-quality degree of comfort was made compatible by reservation of the body pressure distribution with sufficient balance, and the stable driving position.

The high performance stepless recliner by FORCIA is equipped in this seat.

As the reclining king of BRIDE CUGA and VORGA has the same stepless recliner as the other model and on the side shows the aluminum frame of BRIDE which releases the brightness of BRIDE’s series.

The exclusive seat back protector which protects the backseat is prepared (option).

The back seat protector on CUGA & VORGA (K12 type) the stich line is designed carefully on the main part of the seat, and with restored the pocket where you could put accessories.

The original dial only for the hyper-low type HL.

By exchanging the original dial to the smaller HL dial from the Type HL, (included with the Type HL) you could make the center of the handle closer and enabled more low position-ization. We recommend using it with the sheet rail type HL.

The cushion substructure of Type HL which made the hyper-low possible.

It is designed by the insertion system so that an exclusive HL type sheet rail may become a low position as possible. Further low position-ization of the reclining seat of the vehicle type conventionally was hardly possible to achieve. (Only for the Type HL)