Bride DIGO II Type-R

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The top D1 driver tuned, BRIDE sport comfort model DIGOⅡ.
  • 2 colors(Gradation Logo/Black)
  • Resistance-to-flame cloth
  • A safety standard conformity model
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight:14.3kg
     ※Reference value

BRIDE’s sport comfort model DIGOⅡ is tuned by the D1 top driver.

By adopting a backrest, and using the high tension net for the bearing surface, the most important part for the sports seat was the holding which wraps equally to the field pressure was came to reality.【DIGOⅡ】

The form which wraps the field pressure equally to the body.

The backrest form of DIGOⅡ uses one of the BRIDE’s most specialized urethane mold’s rigidity and the form with the high tension net makes you feel like a hammock, wrapped in and tells all your movement directly to you.

Super Recliner unit for easy seat adjustment in a touch

DIGOⅡ LIGHT series adopted Super Recliner unit, which allows easy seat angle adjustment with a single touch. It also functions to tilt the seat forward by just pulling the unit.

A high-quality degree of comfort by adoption of a high tension net.

The high holding performance of DIGOⅡ which wraps in the body, and a high-quality degree of comfort by adopting a high tension net to many sides, such as a backrest part and a bearing surface.

Carbon material used to the shoulder hold as the image of powerful and racy.

In order to ensure steering operation in a cornering, we have used the carbon look material on the DIGOⅡ shoulder hold to give strong impact against those who see and drive.

High holding performance is the sport type, DIGOⅡ・Type R.

The knee support form of the Type R is designed on the thigh part to the knee part to support for the exact pedal operation from the big horizontal G happens and when sliding. Ultimate knee support and form are just a proof of Type R.