Bride EUROSTER II Premium

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Using the new material 【Protein leather TM 】EUROSTERⅡPREMIUM.

  • Pipe frame
  • Super reclining system
  • Protein leather
  • Black
  • A safety standard conformity model
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight:14.0kg
     ※Reference value

It getting-on-and-off quality is the style comfort model and EUROSTERⅡ.

Optimization of bearing surface urethane foam and change of relaxing bearing surface form raised the getting-on-and-off markedly raised with the new concept seat【easy to sit down】,EUROSTERⅡ. This seat matches all kinds of vehicle comfortably and able to use for multi-purpose. 【seat is available for a long term drive】

Super Recliner unit for easy seat adjustment in a touch

EUROSTERⅡ, and EUROSTERⅡ CRUZ has Super Recliner unit, which allows easy seat angle adjustment with a single touch. It also functions to tilt the seat forward by just pulling the unit.

Designed especially for the getting-on-and-off bearing surface form.

The bearing surface form of the EUROSTERⅡ is designed low compared to the EUROⅡ to improve the getting-on-and-off easy. EUROSTER Ⅱ is a seat corresponding to a long time which does not make you tired with the long drive.

A backrest of EUROSTERⅡ.

The backrest form of EUROSTERⅡ is designed to distribute body pressure. The mesh place which was excellent in breathability at the center part in the suede tone fabric which is full of a high-class feeling is adopted as a top fabric.

Using the new material 【Protein leather TM】EUROSTERⅡPREMIUM.

【Protein Leather TM】 is the people and the environment-friendly high-quality synthetic leather which were born by advanced dust-size particle-ized technology in the end material (silk, shell membrane protein) of the natural organics which was not used effectively until now making full use of powder-izing and original composite technology.
Moisture-absorbing/releasing excellent protein powder to reduce the unpleasant stuffiness, were made possible for the smooth texture and feel like genuine leather luxury sofa. Since durability and water resistance are also excellent, compared with leather, maintenance became easier. We also have prepared our new product EUROSTERⅡ which uses the next generation leather material 【Protein Leather TM】 which combines the functionality and pleasant texture. We also sell an optional armrests which can be fitted 【Protein Leather TM】for EUROSTERⅡCRUISE.
※【Protein Leather TM】 is a trademark of Idemitsu Kosan, Inc.