Bride STRADIA II Japan Venus

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Used the venus color on the back shell limited model STRADIAⅡ・JAPAN VENUS.

  • Aluminum frame
  • venus color FRP shell
  • Cover of the high-class suede tone cloth Black
  • Resistance-to-flame cloth
  • Standard cushion / low cushion
  • A safety standard conformity model
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight(Super aramid):14.0kg
     ※Reference value

A lightweight aluminum frame which made this product ultra-light & quantity rigidity.

The basic frame which uses an aluminum material, and (SPORT series are made from steel) by making the reclining device into integrated architecture made it ultra-light & quantity rigidity.

Covered with high-class buckskin, and high-class materials.

For non-slip on the side shoulder, we used the high-class buckskin (Besides the SPORTS series and the JAPAN series) Also we used the double stitch to emphasize the cloth material.

Used the halving type standard cushion to distribute the body pressure effectively.

By splitting the urethane on the thigh area, it distributes the body pressure effectively and improves the pedal operation.

To match all sorts of vehicles, we have prepared the low cushion type.

For a vehicle like Silvia, 180SX, Skyline, RX-8, the clearance between the handle and the knee is small and does not have enough space, BRIDE has prepared the shorter cushion than the standard type for the thigh part.

One-touch adjustment for the 40 step super reclining system.

40 steps of fine tuning and one-touch became possible with the super recliner mechanism.

【GIASⅡ】and 【STRADIAⅡ】added a new line up with the super aramid shell.

The structure of a backrest is full monocoque structure which uses the super aramid fiber in order to secure a light weight and quantity intensity. The super aramid black shell is an outstanding with the ultimate tensile strength like carbon aramid which is used for the BRIDE original super shell.

Super monocoque are the proof of GIAS II and STRADIA II

The structure of the backrest is uses the product made from carbon aramid, or the full monocoque structure made from super aramid in order to secure a light weight and quantity intensity. (JAPAN series has only the product made from super aramid)