Bride ZETA III Japan

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The best quality of all the standard full bucket seat armed with the super aramid, ZETAⅢ, JAPAN version is the ZETAⅢ・JAPAN.

  • Super aramid black shell
  • Cover of the high-class suede tone cloth Black
  • Resistance-to-flame cloth
  • A safety standard conformity model
  • Standard acquisition FIA
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight:7.2kg
     ※Reference value

Tuned for all kinds of motor sports scenes is the racing comfort model, ZETAⅢ.

The full bucket seat ZETA series which has continued ensuring a victory on a race scene to the extent that Bride cannot finish counting, and the safety of a driver had the lineup of 3 types which are Silver FRP shell, Super aramid black shell, and carbon aramid shell. Also for the SPORTS C series, we have the Clear black FRP. You will be able to choose the BRIDE seats from the driver’s physics, vehicle type, and the category.

ZETA series with four kinds of shell material

From 4 different shell material, carbon aramid, super aramid black, silver FRP and clear black FRP, further raised rigidity and the holding performance, became tough body shell, and has evolved.Buckskin material used for the nonslip shoulder support to hold the shoulder perfectly.

For the seat material, we have used the higher grade of wear resistance,

lightfastness, and fading nature (automobile standard conformity) and on the shoulder we have used the high quality buckskin material for the nonslip. (besides the SPORT C series and the JAPAN series).

Leg part used urethane for the purpose of the body pressure to both feet and distribute effectively.

The halving type urethane of the thigh part raised pedal operativity sharply more than the old model (besides the SPORT C series). Moreover, the pedal operativity in the horizontal G at the time of a high-speed cornering also improved sharply by making a knee support part on the higher place.