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Skunk2 is pleased to offer Wiseco pistons and ring kits for Honda/Acura applications. Wiseco pistons feature an advanced forging process, heat-treating and a fine finishing processes to ensure superior performance and reliability. Their crown thickness and ring lands perform superb in engines with power adders like turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous oxide. They come complete with high-quality piston rings and wrist pins. Whether on the street or at the track you can depend on the maximum strength and minimum variance of Wiseco's aluminum-forged pistons for your sport compact vehicle.

 SKU NAME Produces a Compression Ratio of:
316-05-0013 B Series 84MM +2CC 11.5 COMP 11.4:1 in B20B w/ PR3 Head
316-05-0018 B Series 84.5MM +8.26CC 13 COMP 13:1 in a B20B w/ PR3 head
316-05-3035 K Series 86.5MM -3.5CC FT 9.8 COMP K20 9.8:1 in K20
316-05-3025 K Series 86.5MM +10.5CC 12.5 COMP K20 12.4:1 in K20
316-05-0014 B Series 84.0MM -10CC 9.5 COMP 9.3:1 in a B20B w/ PR3 Head
316-05-3010 K Series 86.5MM +5CC 11 COMP 11:1 in a K20
316-05-0001 B Series 81.5MM -2CC Ft 9-98 COMP

8.9:1 in a B16A

9.3:1 in B17A

9.5:1 in B18 A/B

9.8:1 in a B18 A/B w/ PR3 Head

10:1 in a B18C1

316-05-3030 K Series 87.5MM +10.5CC 14.2 COMp K24

12.4:1 in a K20

14.2:1 in a K24 w/ K20 Head

316-05-0002 B Series 81.5MM +5CC 10.5-11.8 COMP

10.5:1 in a B16A

11:1 in a B17A

11:1 in a B18A/B

11:6:1 in a B18A/B w/ PR3 Head

11:8:1 in a B18C1

316-05-0015 B Series 84.5MM -10CC 9.5 COMP

9.3:1 in a B20B w/ PR3 Head

316-05-3015 K Series 87.5MM +5CC 12.5COMP K24

11:1 in a K20

12.5: 1 in a K24 w/ K20 Head

316-05-0004 B Series 81.5MM +8.3CC 11-12.3 COMP

11.1:1 in a B16A

11.7:1 in a B17A

11.7:1 B18 A/B

12.3:1 B18 A/B w/ PR3 Head

12.5:1 B18C1

316-05-0003 B Series 81.5MM -12CC 8.3-8.5 COMP

8.3:1 in a B18 A/B

8.6:1 in B18 A/B w/ PR3 Head

8.6:1 in B18C1

316-05-0016 B Series 84.5MM +2CC 11.5 COMP

11.4:1 in a B20B w/ PR3 Head

316-05-3020 K Series 87.5MM -9CC 9 COMP K20 and 10.2 K24

9:1 in K20

10.2: in a K24 w/ K20 Head

316-05-0017 B Series 84.0 MM +8.26CC 13 COMP

13:1 in B20B w/ PR3 Head